Congratulations, you are officially registered to the June 2020 Alignment program!

Now that you are registered you have to make sure that you will get the most out of this program and that you will have the highest return of investment possible!

In order to do so I want you to do a few things before we start, so that you can be ready to focus 100% on the workshops:

  1. Make sure that you download Zoom web application – the link to the workshop call will be shared with you via email a couple of days before the workshop but if you have all the tools setup in advance you will not risk to miss the live stream!
  2. Get a new notebook to dedicate for this – as our workshops will also involve practical exercises and some homework, it would be great to have a dedicated notebook for the whole 5 weeks
  3. Make sure you plan ahead – from the 1st of June I will ask you to dedicate 1 hour every Monday for 5 weeks to be part of my live streaming workshops. Make sure that you plan ahead to leave those 5 Monday evenings free from other events!
  4. Follow me on Instagram – I will add stories about the workshops and it’s my main communication tool. Make sure that you share my profile with your friends so that they will be able to be part of my next programs!
  5. Start collecting some magazines – we will use newspapers and magazines during one of the workshops, so if you have some already, make sure that you don’t throw them away just yet!
Valentina has helped me navigate many aspects of my life to get myself onto the right track and get healthier not just physically but mentally also. I highly recommend seeking her guidance. Her knowledge and caring approach is flawless and she is very open minded so I have never felt even a sense of judgement.
Tamsin | Freelancer
I did only a few sessions with Valentina and had great results! She is a solution focused person and we brought forward many ideas and decided on the best solution. Her coaching style allowed me to brainstorm those possibilities and even led me to find others that I never thought about before. Valentina is very skilled and her methodology suits different scenarios, adjusting to client’s needs. For people who are choosing to look beyond their fear and challenge themselves, walking step by step with a health coach is one of the best ways to do it. I would totally recommend Valentina to help and improve your day to day health habits and lifestyle!
Eugenie | PR Manager
(...) Valentina helped me understanding what the underlying issue was: my eating habits. I have always believed I was eating well, with a good and balanced diet, allowing myself to eat fried food, desserts and highly processed food, and to drink alcohol in the weekends. I never thought to pay attention on how I would feel the day after the weekend ended and my body was trying to send me an important message! One day I decided to join the Gut Reboot program and I started really paying attention to the food I was eating and drinking. After just two weeks, I would wake up finally well rested, full of energies and I was able to give 100% at work, without feeling moody, nervous or depressed! Today I am aware of what triggers my body's reactions and I am conscious of my eating choices and the effect that they will have on me. I feel empowered and capable of taking ownership of my health and wellbeing! Thank you Best Being Strong!
Martina | Bio-technologist
I started working with Vale to improve my health, but during our conversations, I discovered there was much more I needed to work on with life changes. Vale has helped me work toward my life goals and help me achieve various aims I had, as well as improved overall health. I will definitely continue to have regular sessions.
Gianni | Accountant