Too often we allow life to just flow uncontrollably, following the usual routine: go to bed late, wake up late, rush to get ready, leave the house, work for 8 hours at least, back home, eat, watch a show, and repeat.

When we allow this to happen, we set ourselves up for spiraling down a rabbit hole, where we feel that we are not in control anymore and we just struggle to keep up with everything.

We wish we could have more time to dedicate to our hobbies, to our needs, to ourselves in general. We keep repeating ourselves that we will do that face mask in the evening after work, or we will go to the gym in the weekend instead. We keep postponing on things that really matter because we are too stuck in a routine that is out of our control and doesn’t allow us to balance our lives.

The truth is that we can actually fix this and it’s very simple, it involves establishing a morning routine.

By scheduling a few regular activities where you allow yourself to focus on your life and goals, and actually setting up your intentions,  you will start your day with a completely different mindset, clarity on what matters and what doesn’t, and definitely a better mood.

The first thing you can do for yourself is to write some morning pages. As soon as you open your eyes in bed, grab a paper and a notebook and write down anything that is in your mind. The moment when you are half awake will allow your brain to tap into the subconscious and you will be surprised of what can come out!

Expressing gratitude is another important step to add to your morning. We focus so much on our troubles and on things that we wish we could change in our lives, that we forget about the good things, the positive, what we are lucky to have or what we have worked hard to achieve. Take a few minutes to express your gratitude and you will create a mind shift that will stick with you all day.

Once your mind is at ease, you can start making the blood flow by moving your body. Adding a workout in the morning is the best way to get some training in and keep fit! You might decide to go for a run, to practice some yoga, to just stretch, or go to the gym. Anything is good, as long as it’s more than 25-30 minutes long.

Another great practice is meditation. With this, I am not only speaking about the actual meditation practice, but it could also be praying, spending some time in silence, journaling, chanting, staring at the horizon… Anything that allows you to focus on yourself, on the surroundings, on your interior peace. This will set the stage for you to set some intentions. These will be a few action points that you want to complete during the day to achieve your goals.

Be specific when setting these! You don’t want to go too broad to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Instead, you want to set a few, specific, measurable goals that you can realistically complete before the end of your day. Not only will this make you feel satisfied, but it will also set the ball rolling for more and more goals to be completed during your weeks.

Of course, the last step is to actually get ready for your day. Put on your warrior suit, make sure you dedicate some time to sort yourself out so that YOU feel good with what you see in the mirror. This will give you a boost to face your challenges with a completely different mindset and much stronger self-confidence.

You can find the infographic to reset your morning routine available for download here: