With this post I want to share a little of my own personal journey and explain why I decided to use the word Strong to identify my health coaching practice.

Up to 9 years old, I was the typical average kid, with long arms and legs, a lot of curly hair on my head, living life happily and without any concerns if not eating as fast as I could to run out and play.

Fast forward a few years, some family issues and traumas had brought me to gain a lot of weight, so much that my mum was call in from the doctor at elementary school, who told her that I needed to be put on a diet.

That was the first time I heard the word diet.

Up until then, I never heard my mum or my grandma talking about dieting, I didn’t know the meaning of it, I never gave a thought about being fat, being skinny or any other of these concept. Until the school doctor told me I was too fat. And from that day my relationship with food changed drastically.

In middle school, I started to feel self-conscious of my body. I knew I wasn’t skinny as my schoolmates, I could see my belly being less flat than the one of my best friend, I would look at myself in the mirror and I would see an ugly girl. Of course, being the daughter of divorced parents was enough to be bullied at school in the ’90s, but I also would be called names about my body appearance, I would be called ugly and fat. I would be bullied for wearing glasses, for having untamed curly hair. I would be bullied for being friendly and compassionate with everybody, and I would be left out from the other girls for any group projects.

It was at that point that I started realising that this issue with weight was running in the veins of my family too. We all, in a way or the other, had a very distort relationship with food. There was the person who was constantly on a diet, the one who was eating to forget, who was on a rollercoaster of weight ups and downs, who was eating a really unbalanced and junk food diet.

On one thing we could all agree: we loved eating and we used food as comfort for our personal issues.

As you might understand, growing up building a positive body image was almost impossible and in facts, I have never been happy with the way I looked. I gained a lot of weight and I was unhappy, then I lost a lot of weight and I was unhappy, then I got to a perfect balanced weight and I was still unhappy, and the spiral went on and on, until now that I am typing with a body that is considered overweight and with a very different mindset.

When I first saw the term health coaching, I knew it was something that would have changed my life.

For years I had been obsessed with food and diets and nutrition. I had tried literally every diets on the planet, started it with the best intentions, reading about it, cleaning up my cupboards, stuck with it for a few weeks, and then failed…every.single.time.

What was really wrong with me? Why was the same diet working so well for my friend and not for me? What did I do wrong? Was it my fault?

The answer is no. It was not my fault and it’s not your fault if your diets didn’t work for you either. The problem is the way we approach dieting.

I saw food as a comfort and as an enemy at the same time, I measured my value as a person based on the weight on the scale, I would allow it to make me feel broken, wrong, imperfect. I would cover myself with large clothes, fearing other people’s judgement, and I would look dreamingly at some clothes and think “When I will be 56 kilos I will buy that dress and wear it and be fantastic in it!”.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does.

So what changed? How did I escape this spiral?

I decided to shift my mindset. I decided to take a step towards a more loving and compassionate way of treating my own body. I decided to stop hating myself for being myself.

I learnt to appreciate my qualities and to focus on what makes me feel happy and fulfilled and satisfied. I decided to give myself a chance.

Last year, I have enrolled in a Health Coaching course by IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition). I didn’t just want someone to help me to fix my relationship with food, I needed more, I needed to become an example, I needed be able to help others.

So Best Being Strong was born. I could perfectly have chosen more popular words to define what I am offering, such as Be Fit or Bikini Body, but I don’t want to only help you looking the best that you can. I want to help you healing. I want to help you finding the strength in yourself to take a step up and stand for yourself. I want to help you finding that power that lies within you and teach you how to express it.  Only by being strong on our values, believes and self-love we can really thrive.

So, welcome to the Best Being Strong community. Your journey has just begun.

Are you ready to change your life?