Hi, I’m Valentina, an Italian in London!

I was born in Milan in 1988 and I was always interested in knowing more about the human body and its ways of working.

I’ve always been a chubby kid and this has pushed me to live a great part of my life trying different diets and extreme sport regimes in the aim of finally gain the “perfect body”.

In 2018 I certified as a Holistic Health Coach and as a Personal Trainer, and I have founded my company Best Being Strong.

This major step in my life has pushed me to reconsider the way I looked at myself and at my body and brought me to become a strong body positivity ambassador.

Despite being a huge promoter of working out and eating healthy, the aim of my programs has massively shifted from changing the way we look to supporting optimal health in a fully holistic interpretation.

This means that my focus is to help you taking the time and space you need to listen to your body and what is asking from you, and to put together your unique plan of actions to reach that perfect alignment between your physical and emotional health.

Based on my own experience and personal growth I know that I can make the difference for all those busy people who want to work on themselves but feel overwhelmed by the changes that this might require from them.

Being an IT product manager and a health coach at the same time, I understand what a busy life feels like and how even the smallest change can sometimes feel incredibly disruptive.

I am also passionate about a variety of topics that I love to incorporate in my programs, such as meditation, painting and drawing, gardening, sustainable living, cooking, etc.

Find out more about me and my personal story by following my social media accounts, or get in touch and I will be happy to answer any of your questions!

My professional certifications