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Valentina Best

Keen cook and avid reader of books about nutrition, I have stopped eating meat since I was 14 years old, only allowing fish and eggs into my diet.

As many other teenagers, I have grown up feeling inadequate for many years. I was always too heavy in comparison to my friends, my belly was always popping out whilst others had a flat stomachs and thigh gaps. I have been struggling for many years with my body image and I went up and down with my weight following many different “miracle diets”.

My relationship with food changed drastically when I read the book It starts with food and followed their program.

Since then I’ve been studying and reading about food, workout and healthy living, until I enrolled in the IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) last September and I became a certified health coach.

I am also a certified personal trainer through the ECEP of Bogotá, a course I followed whilst I was living in Colombia.

I also hold a certification in Understanding Nutrition and Health, Level 2, from Queen Mary’s College, UK.

Beside the dream of becoming a health coach and my love for cooking, I am really passionate about rock climbing, yoga, the outdoor, sustainability, animal welfare and traveling.

My professional certifications