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We will work together on your unique programme:


We will analyse and experiment with your body to discover what food nourishes you and what food is detrimental to your health. We will put together a plan that can boost your health and still fit in your busy lifestyle!

Work-Life Balance

You can change job but you can't change your body! Of course, we all need to work to make a living, so we will work together to implement some small changes to your routine that can help you reducing stress and prevent burnouts!

Physical Activity

We will find a training routine or activity that really works for you and that fits perfectly into your lifestyle. No more struggling with dragging yourself to the gym! No more ``I don't have time`` excuses. Let’s experiment and have fun!


I will work with you to recenter yourself and really experience life 100%. In a society where multitasking is almost a necessity, I will teach you mindfulness techniques to really experience one thing at a time.


Our sessions will be a safe and private space to experiment with your spirituality, whatever this word means for you. We will analyze together what are the possible benefits of re-connecting deeply with your soul and belief system and how this could fit into your everyday life.

Social Life

Social support is an important part of a health journey. Through a set of exercises, meditation and self-discovery tools, you will be able to understand what are the relationships in your life that are healthy and the ones that don't serve you anymore.

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